Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New alpha build out now, including new features

The new alpha build of Sessionfire is out now and includes a remarkable number of new and changed stuff. We are proud to provide you with this new build for testing. The changes include:
  • New feature: You can save your settings for a presentation - and those settings are restored automatically when the presentation is loaded again.
  • New feature: Control the exact scaling of focused shapes, allows you to zoom the shape you watch to fill the screen completely even zoom a little more or less.
  • New feature: Control the space between shapes, allows you to avoid overlap between shapes in all settings.
  • New feature: New "Go-To" animation for moving to the next shape without a visible animation.
  • New feature: You can now enable and disable the reflection of the shapes.
  • New feature: We added a timer that allows you to step through your shapes automatically. You can define the time each shape should be shown and start and stop the timer. This makes SessionFire the perfect tool for Pecha-Kucha style presentations.
  • New feature: New button to start a presentation (full-screen mode) directly.
  • New feature: New integrated help shows some explanations of the features from within the application.
  • Circle layout now always produces a layout that fits on the screen.
  • Splash screen integrated for fast startup feedback.
  • On Mas OS X platforms Sessionfire can be quit using the default keystroke (Command-Q).
  • New widget library used for improved look of central control panel.


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